A Nation United—and Divided—by Our Homes’ Architectural Styles

Contemporary is having a serious moment, but trends come and go and vary by region.  What architectural types are most popular around the country?  Hint:  it has a lot to do with popular styles during boom times in addition to climate & culture.

<blockquote class=”embedly-card” data-card-key=”c9d81a895f564a1fb52c3fea68f0bbc8″ data-card-image=”http://rdcnewscdn.realtor.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/style-graphic-concentration.png” data-card-type=”article-full”><h4><a href=”http://www.realtor.com/news/trends/architectural-styles-of-america/”>A Nation United-and Divided-by Our Homes’ Architectural Styles</a></h4><p>It’s worth emphasizing now more than ever: Diversity is what the United States of America is all about. The country, of course, was cobbled together on this very idea-diversity of geography, beliefs, people. And even the homes they live in!</p></blockquote>
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Aria is a native Austinite, second generation Austin Real Estate Expert, and owner of locally operated Aria Realty, Inc. As the daughter of a Residential Developer & Engineer father and Custom Home Builder mother, Aria brings a unique background to her clients. She values family and strives to meet the needs of each client’s household.

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