There has been a lot of worry about Austin being able to maintain its it’s solid pricing and activity in our strong real estate market.  We have seen more price decreases this summer, but it seems to be at least in part due to some overambitious sellers.  To get top prices, even in our current strong seller’s market, you still need to have a great home with all of the details taken care of before a buyer walks through the door.  Out-of-date, cluttered homes with any amount of deferred maintenance are making for stagnant listings needing more realistic pricing while homes with everything perfectly in place, de-cluttered, and freshly maintained are getting strong prices quickly.

Everyone needs help getting their home ready to fetch top-dollar.  Although I’ve successfully helped client after client over my decade in the business (not counting the time I spent working only for builders), even I bring in help when getting my personal homes ready for market.  When you live in a home, you look at it through different lenses than someone who isn’t “used” to the way things work.  Staging for living and staging for listing are never the same.

That said, experts are still in agreement that the strong Austin housing market is here to stay, for the foreseeable future at least.


Austin, TX Housing Market Named Second Most Stable in U.S.

June 29, 2016 | By Brandon Cornett | © 2015, all rights reserved | Duplication prohibited According to a recent analysis by the finance website SmartAsset, Austin, Texas is the second most stable housing market in the United States. Boulder, Colorado was ranked first.