My daughters & I recently started volunteering together at Austin Diaper Bank.  They are well taken care of and we saw it as an opportunity to give back while making sure our children learn to appreciate what they have.  I knew it would be a great way to introduce them to volunteer work, something that I’ve been passionate about from a young age.  I never imagined how extremely touched my older daughter would be.  It had never occurred to her that some families have seriously tough decisions to make, like whether to buy food or diapers.

There is not a government assistance program for diapers, which is how the Austin Diaper Bank found their need.  Working with other assistance programs, Austin Diaper Bank is able to provide deserving families struggling to make it in our high-priced city with an item essential to the health of our youngest citizens.

As a result of our (now regular) work with Austin Diaper Bank, my children have taken it upon themselves to host a Diaper Drive.

If you have any diapers, including opened & partially used packages, my daughters would love to collect them to bring to the organization in November.  Any size is accepted.  They generally have the most need for sizes 4-7.

You can drop diapers off at our office in Bee Caves or we can meet you in the Westlake or West Austin areas.  If you know my children, we can also arrange pick-up at their schools and other activities.  We volunteer regularly, our next drop off will be in mid-November.

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Diaper need is real. Diapers are expensive, averaging around $100 a month or $1200 a year for one child. Federal assistance programs, such as SNAP (formerly called food stamps) and WIC, do not cover diapers. Parents are forced to make hard decisions with limited resources.  Disposable diapers are typically a requirement of most childcare centers, making them a necessity for working parents.  Lack of washing facilities compounds the issue.

  • In Travis County, 26% of all children (under 18 years of age) live in poverty (household income of below $24,000 a year).
  • 50% of all single mother households live below the poverty line.
  • Austin has the second highest rate of suburban poverty growth of US cities.

Diaper need is not limited to the youngest Austinites.  Our seniors are often forced to live on very little and costly diapers become a necessity due to health issues.  The Austin area poverty rate for seniors has increased 42% in the last ten years, according to the US Census Bureau.  Senior poverty in the Austin area will continue to grow rapidly.  A clean diaper can make a world of difference for so many of our fellow Austinites.

Study released July 2013 on diaper need and several news stories on it can be found here.

The article that inspired Austin Diaper Bank: Cost of diapers a big problem for poor moms – CNN Article

Even a donation as small as $5 (or the cost of a Grande Mocha at your favorite coffee shop) can diaper a baby for a few days.  And knowing you helped a baby in our city is a great feeling!  Click here to help.