Learn about the latest on the residential style horizon so you can get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

A real estate professional, especially one with a background in design, construction, & investing (eh-em, yours truly) is the best resource for devising a plan on what will be the best return on investment when preparing your home for the market.  You need to know who your buyer is any what they want.  This changes constantly, so you need someone who dedicates a full-time career to the topic.

Trends are always evolving to meet our changing needs, but here are some items at the top of the list for 2017:

  1. Gathering Spaces

    Great rooms have been all the rage, and it’s because we spend so much time isolated with our electronic devices and less-social careers.  2017 sees us going beyond just the great room to condos & townhouse with social gathering spaces and even new single-family home communities are offering more and more shared spaces.  It also means the HOA is becoming more and more important, so you’ll need to consider these requirements and restrictions carefully.

  2. Warm Tones

    Everything has been grey lately, but it’s gotten cold & worn.  What’s in now?  A warmer taupe.  Not the ultra-warm beige, but something more in the middle, in the “greige” family.  It’s easier to work with design-wise because it’s more welcoming and plays nicely with a wide range of furniture options from bright white to antiqued colors and natural wood tones.

  3. More Space to Play

    For some this will be in community amenities, for others it means a great space for play at home.  A pool, mini golf course, sports court…  All big investments that aren’t always worth the expense, but having a space to offer some down-time is becoming essential as we no longer leave our work at the office.

  4. Natural Design Elements

    We’ve been on a long “paint it white or grey” kick, but it’s coming to an end – sort of.  While light furniture is still in, mixing it with  natural woods and stones is becoming increasingly popular.  Again with the taupe-y warmth.  A few carefully selected staging elements can go a long way in appealing to buyers.

  5. Energy Features

    As a whole, buyers still don’t fully understand the depth & impact of the latest energy features, but the easily recognizable ones are becoming more and more necessary.  Think things that a majority of people have heard of; things that may have been mentioned through advertising for products & rebate programs.  It may be windows, rain water collection, tankless water heaters… yet many of the bigger impact items like geothermal heating aren’t widely understood enough (yet) to appeal to most buyers.

  6. Walkability

    The family walk is making a comeback.  There are many in Austin neighborhoods where traffic or terrain have made simple childhood necessities like bike riding and dog walking extremely challenging.  It’s Austin and folks like to get out for some fresh air without dodging cars and pushing kid vehicles up wild hills.

  7. Healthy Homes

    While mold may have been the original health concern, media coverage over BPA, pesticides, off-gassing, etc have made consumers conscious over how materials can help keep families healthy.

  8. Home Offices

    I can’t even tell you how many times lately that home office spaces have been deal-breakers.  Extra bedrooms are rarely enough anymore.  Many families even have 2 separate work spaces on their lists.  Some even want a 3rd for kids as more parents work from home and need a quiet, dedicated space.

  9. Countertops

    Even production builders now offer granite as an option or even entry level.  Now, there are natural and man-made quartzites to consider.  Marbles is gorgeous, but is getting known as high maintenance (it truly is) while there are so many better options out there.  Those 80s countertops just won’t cut it anymore.

  10. Style

    Contemporary is certainly having a moment just as Craftsman & Mediterranean recently had, but the style isn’t as important as having style – and consistent style at that.  Details are in, and it’s important that they match the style of the home.  Buyers are turning away from traditional facades hiding extreme contemporary interiors.  Instead, get some advice in updating that traditional or changing the style inside I out.  With the style & details of the home being so important, bringing in some help is more valuable than ever.