Where Austin’s Young Families Live

I was just discussing how the demographics in Eanes ISD have been changing. There is certainly more diversity when you look around classrooms than decades ago (although your pre-conceived notions may not be far off). However, there are changes parents are noticing in schools: shrinking younger classes. Without even looking at data, I had a feeling why as a native Austenite and graduate of Westlake High School. The homes at the entry level for the district are twice what top-of-the-line, “oh my gosh I can’t believe they paid that for a house” homes were decades ago when the Penny-backer bridge was new & we had only 2 pairs of elementary schools serving K-2 & 3-5 respectively.  Honestly, the average young family is priced out of this top-tier district.

While there are lower-priced options in Eanes ISD, many young families, even Eanes ISD alumni, are opting for more bag for their buck in the suburbs.  See where they are moving with this interactive map.

The above map, compiled using Census data, shows the concentration of “young families” — those with children 12 or younger — in neighborhood tracts. The darker the tract, the more children under 12 per household.

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Aria is a native Austinite, second generation Austin Real Estate Expert, and owner of locally operated Aria Realty, Inc. As the daughter of a Residential Developer & Engineer father and Custom Home Builder mother, Aria brings a unique background to her clients. She values family and strives to meet the needs of each client’s household.

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