Where are my “Fixer Upper” fans?  You may have heard of the drama surrounding the “Barndominium” property featured on the show.  Rumor has it, Joanna & Chip Gaines’ TV clients never really intended to move into the property.  Maybe they did, but changed their minds, but the media, perhaps fueled by Fixer Upper fans, hasn’t been kind to the Barndominium family after they set the property up as a vacation rental rather than moving in.

Whatever the family’s true motivation, the uproar in the community has now lead to the family being blocked from their vacation rentals.  So, the Barndominium is set to hit the market!

Who wants their own “Fixer Upper”?  Of course, if you’d like to stay a little close to Austin, I can find you some great options in the area.  Oh, and you’d get me for the fixer upper phase as well through our other local, family-owned custom home & remodeling company, Corias Homes.

If you’d like to see more details on the Bardominium, check out Joanna’s blog.

The Controversial ‘Fixer Upper’ Barndominion is up for Sale

If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, you probably remember the iconic “Barndominion” project from season 3. After months of controversy, the home is now back up for grabs. According to the , property owner Kristi Bass opted to sell the home after she was barred from continuing to rent out the home.