Millennials Are Living the Dream in Austin

Austin has made yet another list as a favorite city for Millenials in a recent report.

Living the Millennial Dream – ABODO Apartments

What do you look for in a city? Perhaps you prioritize affordable housing or a thriving job market. Or maybe you care most about abundant parks and hiking trails, a bustling downtown filled with restaurants, or a convenient public transit system to get you where you need to go.


Austin isn’t known for its pizza, but it is know for its always-growing, often booming, tech-centric, start-up loving Job Market.

So how did we stack-up?


New York was a solid favorite, along with the West Coast.  Then there’s “little ‘ole Austin” in the mix along with all of those big cities.  We just might be int he big leagues now!


Aria is a native Austinite, second generation Austin Real Estate Expert, and owner of locally operated Aria Realty, Inc. As the daughter of a Residential Developer & Engineer father and Custom Home Builder mother, Aria brings a unique background to her clients. She values family and strives to meet the needs of each client’s household.

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