Report: Austin among top 10 cities people are leaving

Can you believe it?  A recent report shows that a surprisingly large number of people are leaving Austin.

Report: Austin among top 10 cities people are leaving

Austin has made it onto yet another “Top 10” list, but it’s not one many of us would expect. Austin is one of the Top 10 cities in the country that people are moving out the fastest according to a report from Abodo.

It’s been a mad-dash to make Austin their own. They’ve set about bettering Austin to a point that some parts are unrecognizable to native Austinites. Now they’re hitting the road? Was it the traffic? Culture? Boredom?

Aria is a native Austinite, second generation Austin Real Estate Expert, and owner of locally operated Aria Realty, Inc. As the daughter of a Residential Developer & Engineer father and Custom Home Builder mother, Aria brings a unique background to her clients. She values family and strives to meet the needs of each client’s household.

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